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I am using the IRremote library which limits the amount of IR receivers I can have hooked up (with modifications, it can handle 2 max I have read). So that's why I am planning to use a pro micro or nano for each target. I was thinking I could have the target Arduinos handle the prop triggering too (since it would be near the motor/valve/etc), but the only issue with that is sound. It would be cost prohibitive to buy a sound board for each target.
Assuming there is only one shooter active at the same time & depending on your coding skills you could actually put all IR receivers into one Mega(or maybe 2 standard arduinos). But you would have to write some code using PCINTs (Pin change interrupts) to decode the signals. As you are only looking for one protocol (i.e. your own), it shouldn't be too difficult. Using dicrete LOGIC ICs(OR gates /  Flip Flops) could also help.

(For example, we have worked recently on a system with 8 IR receivers feeding into just one ATTiny - all receiving simultaneously....so it is possible)

You should only need one sound generator which gets activated by a signal from any of targets when hit!

The RPi sounds like a good choice, but also look at the Teensy3.1 which has some good sound stuff available and a very powerful MCU (circa $17 at OSHPARK). With a bit of thought (+ design) you could probably get it all working on a single Teensy 3.1.  :)

Remember you can have start up delays & corrupted SD cards on devices like RPi....microcontrollers generally give you more reliability/ instant on.....etc

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