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a stepper motor rotates continuously when power is applied

I haven't encountered any stepper motors that do this. In my experience, stepper motors take a step when they are told to - hence the name. You may be thinking of ordinary DC motors that run whenever power is applied.

In this case the requirement seems to be to operate a latch mechanism and I would have thought that a servo or solenoid giving positive positional control would be the simplest approach.
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I meant a sequence, he needs to figure out the sequence to make it rotate 90 and then back.
I know if 1 pole is energized it will rotate to align with that pole, but I may take him a few rotations to fully lock the door.
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your best bet is a locked servo, because as I said before, a stepper motor rotates continuously when power is applied.

It does not. A stepper motor steps when it is told to step. It steps exactly once. The stepper driver needs to set the state of 4 pins right to make that happen. The exact state of the pins to produce a step depends on which set of coils is powered currently. That is why the control of a stepper is generally offloaded to a stepper motor controller. Well, that and the high current/high voltage needs of a stepper motor. Tell the controller to step, and it steps. Once.


actually my project is to lock and unlock the door using gsm. so the stepper motor is rotate 90 degree right? i think it easy for me to control the degree of motor rotation..what do u say?

How do you intend to power this device? Would you be using batteries or direct power? I think that is a challenge unless you have a solution for it.

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