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Hello forum , i have arduino UNO R3 and https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9607 this shield.

I dont have stackable headers in order to make my life easier but i have these https://www.sparkfun.com/products/116 .

So what im asking... Which taps of the shield have to be wired ? I want to have the shield next to arduino and not in top of.....

So what im thinking as i examine the shield , i cant see any engraved lines at analog In 0-5 so i think they are optional taps.
8-AREF , i think these taps are optional too , there are no engraved lines there....
7-4 there are no lines so its optional.

tap 3 has a line at the back side. I think i will need it as i will need tap 2 , RX and TX.
Finally i can see lines at Vin and RST

So , it needs RX,TX,2,3,Vin,RST ? is this correct? I think it has to be a GND somewhere.....

Thanks !


Look at the schematic, not the traces on the shield. In the upper, right corner of the schematic is a pictoral representation of the Arduino. All the pins that have lines coming off them (not the stubs) need to have a connection made to the shield. Those are digital pins 0 and 1 if you want to use hardware serial to talk to the board -or- 2 and 3 if you want to use software serial, ground, Vin, and, optionally, reset. Since you are not stacking the shield, the Arduino's reset switch will not be obscured, so connecting reset is not required.
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Thanks ! i cant imagine how GND pin is working but you are right , schematics are schematics... I dont really understood the hardware and software serial , but i will use 2,3 because i think my code is for software serial use...

Thanks !

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