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i actually tried using an external dc supply for my bluetooth shield (9V).. but it still didn't work..
I don't own one of these, but reading from the schematic in the user manual you need to have a jumper either between the leftmost pin and middle one (on S2) to tell it to use the external power; or between the rightmost pin and the middle one to tell it to take 5V power from the Arduino.

Curiously the photo there shows no jumper on S2 at all, but there's nothing in the schematic to indicate that would work.

Cheers ! Geoff
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wow! it actually worked!.. thanks strykeroz!..

i'll just be posting.. if i'll encounter another problem..

a big thanks bro..  :) :)


I got the green LED blinking.. but still could not get it to work.. I need to get the red led to blink and green led to be steady so that the BT shield will be on SLAVE mode..

when i.uploaded the slave.pde without the shield, it will complete uploading.. but will not get the BT shield to work..

and when i uploaded the slave.pde with the shield.. I got the error: avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x49

what should I do?


what is on the other end of that BT connection, PC, phone, what are you trying to control it from?

Note: the shield does need to be off the board inorder to upload the code.
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An android phone.. trying to communicate to the BT shield using android..

ah, so.. i need to upload the code before putting the shield on the arduino.. tnx..

but, it still wont work?... :(

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