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I wanted to start using ATtiny85's with the Arduino IDE after seeing many articles, posts, etc about core libraries released from MIT's High Low Tech Media Labs and now that I have some ATtinys I can not find the cores from HLT Media lab.  I have done many searches and keep finding the same link that does not work,   hlt.­media.­mit.­edu   or the github pages from MIT no longer exist.

Are there any other places I can get a working core library for the ATTiny85 to work with the Arduino IDE?

Coding Badly


Thank you Coding Badly but is there something I am missing on the page you referenced?
I have found that same link in the past and have not found anything that supports the ATtiny85.  The one with I2C and ATtiny85 in the label has I2C support for ATtiny84 and the one from MarkS does not have support for ATtiny85.

I would like to use the PWM and ADC functionality of the ATtiny85 and be able to write the code using the Arduino IDE.
I do not have the knowledge to do "analog.Write()" or "analog.Read()"   using Atmel AVR Studio or WinAVR.

Coding Badly

In the top-middle of the home page...

Arduino-Tiny is an open source set of ATtiny "cores" for the Arduino platform.

The Arduino platform currently supports Atmel ATmega processors. There is a need for the Arduino platform to work with physically smaller DIP package processors. The intent of this project is fulfill that need. Specifically, our goal is to provide a core that enables Arduino users to work with the ATtiny84 (84/44/24), ATtiny85 (85/45/25), and ATtiny2313 (4313) processors.

Download the latest version for Arduino 1.0

Download the latest version for Arduino 1.5


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Tried both(version for 1.0 and 1.5) and they do not have all the files necessary for the ATtiny85.
I did put some effort in trying to figuring this out before posting my question.
I do not want to write a novel of all the things I have tried and did not work nor do I want to waste anyone's time.  Maybe I should ask my question differently before trying to learn how to make the necessary files myself.
Where can I get the MIT HLT Media Labs core library for ATtiny and Arduino?  or, has anyone used one that works and if so, how do I acquire it?

Coding Badly

Tried both(version for 1.0 and 1.5) and they do not have all the files necessary for the ATtiny85.


Where can I get the MIT HLT Media Labs core library for ATtiny and Arduino?

The Wayback Machine.


Hi! If you are interested in a high-end solution you could test Cosa. It supports ATtiny (X4, X5, X61), Standard (Uno/Mini Pro/Nano/LilyPad) ATmega328P, Mighty ATmega1248 and Mega ATmega2560. The platform contains 50+ classes, 25+ device drivers, low-power and object-oriented event driven programming. All integrated and ready "out-of-the-box". Code can more or less be moved between the different targets by simply selecting the target board.


Follow the link to the blog and on-line documentation.


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