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Hello everybody,

As stated in the subject, I'm looking for an aid in creating a graphical interface. In this topic you'll see that I already created a menu, but it is a tedious job of trial and error until one gets the buttons where they should be.
What I'm looking for is a sort of graphical editor in which i can create buttons and move them around until they are at there right position. And then gives me the right coordinates which i can use in the code...

Some extra information...I'm useing the Sainsmart 3.2" TFT touchscreen together with an Arduino Mega 2560

With kind regards,



I don't know of any programs that will do this although there may well be.

Something I thought of doing years ago was having a simple form in VB6, you layout the objects then grab the VB file (it's just text), and parse it get the objects and their locations and create an array of C structures or whatever you need from that.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


I try to stay away from proprietary things like VB or any of that Microsoft stuff as much as possible.

If I were going to do some high level stuff like that, I be moving to something like a Raspberry Pi.
That would open up all kinds of possibilities.
Not only would you have the scripting, graphic tools, and file support, to play around with, but you could also
have access to it via a web interface.
Ethernet support is built in and you can add wireless support for about $5-10 with a USB wifi dongle.
That means you can access your device via computer or smartphone from anywhere
in the world (assuming an Internet connection) with nothing but a simple browser.
Which important as you don't necessarily have to write any client application code for the PC or phone.

Looks like  Firmata could be used to talk to all the sensor devices you have.

To me the Pi is interesting because it has everything you need to do some
pretty amazing things since it is running a real OS.

Using this type of environment, with firmata over USB,
means you can test everything on your desktop machine,
then, when working, simply move it over to the Pi and not have to change anything.

--- bill


Strongly agree with Bill. Even after you finally figured out the layouts, what type of processing can arduino provide you? Not graphics, or anything that exceeds 8kB ram on a mega. Either go with Pi, or try arduino adk to use an android tablet for gui. A lot easier than hammering out your own, which was what pc game developers were doing back in the early 90' before windows got too common place.


As stated in the subject, I'm looking for an aid in creating a graphical interface.

pen an paper?

preferable the paper with squares,  do you have a printer ==>  - http://www.printfreegraphpaper.com/ -  (there are other apps too)
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