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This sounds like you want Interface Builder, it is free with all Macs, but then that is probbly what you don't want to hear.
It is great though.


I remember using ResEdit, but I wasn't writing Mac code much after the Mac II came out IIRC.  Think that must have been the
time the DEC Alpha, IBM PowerPC and Sun Sparc processors came in and 68030 based machines were outclassed.
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Thanks Billroy,

That was exactly what I need(ed). Sorry for the late reply, but since I've ordered another 3.2" TFT for a new project I was again in need for this application and saw your reply. I'm using the wonderful 'UTFT_Buttons' library Henning Karlsen wrote and this will fit the bill! :D

With kind regards,



I must admit I use a somewhat low tech approach to my ui design.

Step 1. quick dirty coding of my initial button/text placement
Step 2. create a quick grid on the screen
Step 3. try not to move my lips as i count the gridlines
Step 4. adjust initial code.

The code for it is below (based on adafruit libs)

Code: [Select]
void grid (int gridspacing) { // routine to generate a square grid on screen x pixels per side
  int ScreenMax=160; // manually ammended, could be included in function as a parameter
  // vertical lines
  for (int i=0; i < ScreenMax+1; i+=gridspacing) {
    tft.drawLine(i, 0, i, ScreenMax-1, ST7735_WHITE);
  } // End if
  // horizontal lines
  for (int i=0; i < ScreenMax+1; i+=gridspacing) {
    tft.drawLine(0, i, ScreenMax-1, i, ST7735_WHITE);
  } // End if
  delay (10000);
}// End grid

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