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I think what the OP is asking for is if he can make a arduino generate a PPM message stream modulating FM RF signal generator on the same frequency that his existing R/C receiver is using. That is can he build a arduino based R/C FM transmitter. At least that is my take on it.



My take is that the op has an arduino in the car and would like that arduino to control the car. It is easily done but before we suggest how -

1. Confirm this is what you want

2. Confirm whether the car has proportional control or is it full on, full off type control ?

Duane b



well i have the receiver mounted and im receiving values :P i am currently using a manualy controled joystick to throttle, but i want the arduino to automatically throttle :P therefore i would need to send a FM signal :) i can take out the receiver from the joystick and try, but i would like to verify that this is possible first :P

please link me to anything that could help ;)

basicly making it go by itself(path).


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How will the arduino know how to adjust the throttle? Where is it getting the data to do so.?
The arduino won't do anything unless told to. Unless your talking about a fail-safe in which the arduino will take over when you lose signal, but then how will it know the receiver has lost signal?

I'm confused as to what you want to accomplish with the arduino being automatic.

You have a transmitter and receiver with servos, what will the arduino be doing, what is its purpose?
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i want it to be autonymous xD i will code a path for it to drive :P like this for example

Serial.print("start moving forward")
delay(like 1000 sec or so)
Serial.print("start moving left")

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