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You get one mixed pile of resistors and you are gonna waste your time looking for the one you want especially if you have to de-code the stripes or individually measure the reading.

This might be part of your problem. Why are all your resistors in a pile, instead of organized by value?
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not the ones we use, caps come on a paper tape and the leads are cut pretty close to that so the machine can use it, and AFAIK the leads are the same length on the tape

Thats true,  I was thinking about the big electrolytics,  but for the life of me I can't remember if they had different length leads in the old days -  but then again a lot of them were axial then, before PCBs.

To save space ,for my R&D bench components, I have resistors, caps and zeners in the same 64 drawers , as some examples

less than 1 ohm and 1 nF in the first drawer,   
3R3 with 3n3
100R with 100nF
1K with 1 mF
4.7K with 4.7mF and 4.7 volt zeners ( and 5v regulators )
1M with 1000 mF

It saves trying to read them, but I still measure the resistors anyway....

Its also only 64 drawers to check for restocking

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I'm hopeless with colour, always have been and therefore I've always measured unless it's really obvious.

Fortunately almost all my electronics is uC related and as such I only need two resistor values, 10k for pullups and 1k for LEDs. That really helps  :)

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Nick Gammon

Yeah, I bought a strip of 500 of each, and each time I need a new one I just get it off the strip. $10 each (strip). And that was for 1% ones. I'm not going to waste an hour to save 5 cents.


Back in 1965 my Dad gave me a big bag of resistors and a small card with the colour code on them.
I set to it putting them into piles of values. By the time I finished I knew the colour codes and threw away the card. I have never forgotten them despite going for months at a time now not reading them as most of my work uses surface mount.
As others say you don't translate the colours one by one, you just look at it an you know it's value.

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