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Everything works fine now. Thank You !!!


I've uploaded the updated version to http://members.shaw.ca/el.supremo/DTMF.zip.

Hey Pete,

The above link seems to be pointing to the previous version... still the same detect function.



Hi Rob,
Thanks for the heads up. I've uploaded the correct version this time.



I realized the wrong link by myself. Thanks to everybody. My application, the detection of given 4 alarmtones between 580 and 820 Hz, works very fine!


Hey everybody,

I'm so glad this DTMF library exists.  To add to the posted code in this thread. Any ideas on how to select 2 or 4 dtmf tones sequentially to flip the LED on? 

I'm looking for:
if(thischar == '55') {
  digitalWrite(led, HIGH);


if(thischar == '55AB') {
  digitalWrite(led, HIGH);

I'm thinking of having a counter that counts until 2 or 4.  Once the count gets up to 2 or 4, 'thischar' would be reset to 0.  I'm having trouble expressing that as code that works. 



Hi Everybody,

I am trying to make a simple comminicator by landline which will use DTMF signals on both sides problem is , I am looking for detecting the Line busy, Call in process , other party didnt answer , Does any one can help me how to make this or which IC. can be used or is there any other way to make.

Best Regards

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