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Hi there, there are two types of modules that I've seen:

One has GND and VCC on separate ends, the other has GND and VCC on the same end, but the pins in between are the same.

The pin specification in the RF24_config.h are for softspi only, which has not been tested with the RF24Audio library. The lib uses pins 11,12,13 by default for SPI.

If you are getting audio out on the transmitter side, that is a good sign that everything is working except for the radio modules. Since the audio library uses the RF24 core library, you can try running some of the example sketches included with RF24 (File > Examples > RF24 > GettingStarted) to ensure the radio modules are working correctly. If the radios work with the RF24 example files, they should work fine with the audio library. See here for general troubleshooting: https://github.com/TMRh20/RF24/wiki/GettingStarted-sketch-failing-to-send:-how-to-diagnose%3F


Hello TMRh20: Thanks for the information I went over to Github as you suggested.  I want to thank you and Proz0r for the information on the Github page. I added 100uf Capacitors to all the power supply pins and at the VCC pins of the two Arduino Pro Minis. I also soldered 10uf Capacitors directly to the pins of the transceivers. It now works fantastic. Again, thank you for all your work. This is exacty what I have been looking for for the past few months. I also posted this information on the Github page.


hello TMRh20

i spent all day with my small project. :-(  as source i used microphone /Breakout Board for Electret Microphone (Sparkfun BOB-09964) /. I made a small step but, i can here my voice (i can say clearly) in headphones BUT there is additional TERRIBLE interference with something. I attached some record from it and some freq. analyse.

Do u have a clue what is it ?

I don't know if you have corrected your noise problem yet but I had the same noise. If you are using TMRh20 preamp try installing a .1uf ceramic cap at the input (AO). In my case it eliminated the noise I had.


How i use it to stream the audio in wifi from a microphone to another arduino connected with an headphones?
I want to create a way of communication.

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