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About a year ago i have build and arduino MIDI Controller:

Back then i didn't have much time to test it, but i thought it was working ok. I have now started using it, and i see that there is something not quite right.

The first problem i had was with the baud rate. I had it set to 31250 (is this always the best BR for MIDI devices?), but when I tried using the Spikenzielabs Serial to MIDI Converter I always got this error:

I didn't know what was wrong, so I tried changing the baud rate (to 115200) and I stopped getting any errors (but still I noticed that the "RX" light always blink red and then green on any button press).
When I run a MIDI Monitor I get something like this:

Things seem to be ok, apart from the TIME column, which is always "*** ZERO ***". What is going on? How can I fix that?

I then noticed that something was going on when I tried to use it with a DAW. I manage to map the buttons and pots without problems, but then when I use the buttons something strange happens.
I'll try to explain it with an example:
I click a button to start recording. Then sometime out of nowhere the recording stops on its own (instead of stopping on another button push).
This doesn't always happen, doesn't happen always on the same place or even on the same button.
I have tried the same midi mapping with another midi controller (a Korg nano controller) and things worked without problems, so I think the problem isn't on the mapping or on the DAW side, but rather on my Arduino controller...

Any ideas of what is going on? How could I fix it?

It would be great to be able to get this working to have some fun making some music!




no ideas?   :(

Not without you posting your code and schematic.

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