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Hi all,
    I have written a library, and I'd like to post the code to have others review it.
I'm not sure where I should post the code... Programming questions ? Seems the most appropriate, although I have no "programming question" to ask, just some code to show... Exhibition / Gallery ? Mine is not a project I'd like to show, but just an Arduino library...

Also, should I post the code directly on the forum, or is it better to create a page in the Playground, and create a topic that links to it ?

Thanks in advance.


I always post new library code most of the times in - Other Software Development - (and if mature enough an article on the playground)

I've reviewed quite some code, so post yours.. (But I 'll have a first look at it tomorrow :)
Rob Tillaart

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In fact I should have looked harder:

Mods to the IDE, suggestions for the core code to the boards, better bootloaders, new libraries


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