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i want to use lcd 16*2 how i do lcd menu? and how i control lcd from the pushbutton?

You are doing a lot better this time in terms of clarity of question. I think I PMed you my answers. Let's see if you are able to use the answers. But by all means, post here, don't PM.


There is another thread here --> http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,133086.msg1001373.html#msg1001373 <-- which decodes a bit more of what he is trying to accomplish.  These are bordering on cross-posting but due to the language problems it might be best to keep them both going.




Tell me how well do you program in C. If you program in C well enough, you are suggested to use this library, which is exactly written for your type of need:


If your programming skills are poor, you should go get one of these, which I AM SELLING:

You don't need much programming at all.

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