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I have been trying to have an encoder accurately count steps and display it to the serial monitor. At first I was using cheep mechanical rotary encodes and they would bounce as expected without debounce circuitry. Then I purchased much nicer ball bearing enclosed optical encoders and even they will not keep track of the steps accurately "even when I rotate them slowly". So I ordered another set of optical encoders just like the ones used on a Arduino car with the same results.....

I've had this problem for weeks now and I can seem to figure out.

If someone has any experience with them can you point me in a direction.


So you've tried three types of encoder and they all fail?  Yet people manage to deal with all of those every day.  Sounds like your software has problems.


Lol, yea no shit Sherlock, I dont know why i post on this site. It seems like 60-70% of the answers I get on here are useless, unhelpful, smart ass comments. Just like some 15 year old kid trying to be like someone they saw on TV one day. I just don't get it

Life is tough and soon it's going to get a lot tougher. Be kind to one another and if ya don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all.


Maybe there's a fine line between being a smart arse and pointing someone "in the right direction."

Now at risk of stating the blindingly obvious again.  If you were to post your code I might actually be able to see what's wrong with it.  Then rather than just point you in the right direction I might even get you to your destination.

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