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Hi, im new working with arduino, i watched a couple of tutorials in you tube about getting started, the instalation of the software etc, i think that i did everything correct except for one thing, in every guide and image over the internet the LED indicating that the arduino is ON is green but in my arduino uno is red, i wnt to know if this has anything to do with the fact that i cant stablish any connection whatsoever with my arduino everytime that i want to upload a program i get this message "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00", i looked for it in the internet and even in this forum, and i checked the drivers like 4 times, i tried to use other computers and nothing still getting the same error message, i wonder if somebody can help me with this problem, thank you, also i speak spanish, so if anybody can answer in spanish would be a lot better, thanks. :)


I am getting the same message (Win7,64bit) and in device manager shows as unknown device and wont download from Arduino/driver
changed USB cable as well; went to laptop (WinXP) hoorah! downloads driver for R3 Uno but then doesnt recognise .pde files from evilgenius-?
The win64 machine imports .pde files perfectly but wont upload to Uno.
Have googled, watched several setup videos and read a lot of this board and I`m at wits end (buying a Mac seems a bit extreme for a £30 board)
Am I being an obvious noob?


@ Alrox405: Clone Uno's typically have orange to red lights, It Won't affect or reflect on it's operation.
On Win 7 64 open the device manager... wherever it is and under unknown devices you will see a yellow flag next to the improperly installed device, right click on it and select install drives as it shows "No Driver Installed" navigate to Program Files (x86) Arduino 1.XX Drivers and your computer will now see the FTDI device and enumerate it properly. Had you taken the time to Search Google, You would have your Uno working... Instead, You Wait, And Wait. With an Arduino self sufficiency is a talent that will be most useful to the success of any undertaken task.

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