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I have a TY-001 Vending machine.  I would like to incorporate arduino uno, a gprs/gsm module to vend products.  Any ideas on how best to implement this idea.

Thank you.




Any ideas on how best to implement this idea.

One step at a time.

The first step is to define the requirements. Generally vending machines are controlled by customers inserting money.


Thanks Paul

My interest has been triggered by those who have done vending via paypal and even based on a tweet.  Since we have money on our mobile phones more than we do coins, I believe, if we thought about it, we could vend based on a sms with a certain message.



I don't see anything stopping you from the point of view of the vending machine, but you haven't explained how the payment occurs, or how the person paying knows the goods will appear at their machine (rather than some random remote one) or how the machine knows that the payment has actually been made before dispensing the goods.

If you want to set up an SMS based micropayment system then there are suppliers who can do this for you, but I can't really recommend trying to create your own solution for real-world use.
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The first step is to define the requirements.

An idea is not the same as a set of requirements. A set of requirements is not the same as functioning code. But, there is a progression from one to the next.

You have the idea, and at least a vague concept of the requirements. Now, it's time to flesh out the requirements. Think about this from the perspective of trying to hire someone to write the code for you.

What does the Arduino need to be able to do? Does it only receive text messages (Sell me A3), or does it send them, too (Item A3 dispensed).

How will the text message sent to the machine result in a bill being sent to the phone owner? My mobile phone doesn't have any money in it. I can't do anything to it to shake any money loose.

Certainly the Arduino, with appropriate shield, can receive text messages. It can, with the appropriate hardware, communicate with paypal to pry money out of the texter's account.

Whether you can write all the code to make this all happen, though, isn't clear.

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