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Jan 21, 2017, 10:28 pm Last Edit: Jan 21, 2017, 10:29 pm by Watcher
Anyone has experience wirh Ersa systems?

Like this one here especially for smd soldering..?


Anyone has experience wirh Ersa systems?

Like this one here especially for smd soldering..?
You want to search on the  http://www.eevblog.com/forum/   have it mentioned  a few times there, quiet highly regarded , if I remember correctly.

Again, like the Hakko FX888 , do be careful about clones on ebay etc, though no idea if the Ersa suffer in this way.


If you are not doing mass production ...

a 15 Watts iron with a small tip is perfect.

Solder a pin and give the chip some time to cool down.

Give the chip/transistor more time if it is very small.

A soldering station will not protect your electronics if you apply the hot iron for a second too long.

If your questions are not precise, nobody can help you.


Hey, Watcher

For the last 20 yrs, or so, before I retired, I had access to many different irons.  For the last 15 yrs I used, exclusivly an Ersa DIGITAL 2000 A.  This I had attached to a, now, obsolete switch box which allowed me to have ant of 3 irons available at a push of a button.

Ersa are not cheap, but they are very good and very reliable.



Exist different kinds of solder iron, so you can easily manage with various projects of soldering. And because of this i think a Soldering station is a good like a "universal soldering" they have a display for temperature controlled and you can make Temperature enough for the project you manage. Because when you need to get a soldering iron first you must know for what project you will use and choose the right one for you. Also, find this Review and information to choose the right Soldering Iron. You can find details about Soldering irons types and Soldering Irons tips


Anyone has experience wirh Ersa systems?
I have the icon nano, (I have two actually!) and its the best I have ever used by far

Those weller are dated now it seems to me they didnt move with the times, they are top dollar as well but just big and clumsy I wouldnt buy one in a million years

Ersa is totally excellent, I cant go back


I recently bought an Ersa icon pico to complement an aoyue rework soldering station  i have. Well, its not cheap but i had the best soldering experience ever! its the best by far compared to more than 8 soldering irons i ve been through over the years . Worth every cent. Could not go back!

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