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What do you think about it? Can we do it?

That system is not getting data from a web cam. It is sending a message to another computer to tell another application to get the data from the web cam.

Also another problem is the pin numbers. Do you think we will have enough pins for all of these?

All of these what? All that you have listed said you want to do is "control lighting system", whatever that means, and "read temperature value", but have not specified how many thermometers you want to use, or what type they are.



1-About the webcam issue:I know that the webcam is not controlled by arduino directly but it looks working so no problem i think.
2-About pins: I will use

  • one LM35 to get temperature data

  • an ethernet shield will be attached for internet thing

  • if i use the system i talked above for webcam i will need a digital input for doorbell

  • one digital for open/close air conditioner

  • one digital for open/close lighting system

  • one digital to open/close door lock

I think Arduino UNO can handle all of them, can it?

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