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This uses the FTDI chip's
CTS, DSR, DCD, and RI pins - see the X3 connecter here

to drive the SCK, MOSI,  MISO, and Reset pins on the ICSO header.
If you can connect to them, this method does work.  I still have a Duemilanove set up pins added to make the connections above.  It takes a bit to set up all the files.

If you have Win7 or 8, there may be some extra fooling around to do as well to allow unsigned drivers, etc.  I saw yesterday that perhaps pressing F8 on bootup provides the option to turn that checking off.
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Win7 here . 
Now lets start reading.


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I dont know it is possible....

No X3 header on nano. USB chip so small , I cant imagine soldering wires directly to it.   :0


Or should I use my TTL converter instead ?  Then I need to find converter pinout...

Nope - converter has only Tx Rx on output  pins. Chip same size as on Arduino itself , so no soldering for me.


Guys, where do I find bootloader file for nano  ?
I want to use with stand alone programmer.


There is one in bootloader folder. Just not marked as "P" , but works well.

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