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Hi, I'm a newbie at using Arduino and mircocontrollers in general. I have a project where I'm trying to control two 4 wire bipolar stepper motors using the Arduino Uno R3 and the Arduino Motor Shield R3 L298P. I'm looking for some help explaining how to connect the controller and the shield and how to connect the stepper motor to the shield. Because I'm unfamiliar with the terminology I need the connections explained in how the boards are labeled. Thanks.


What motor are we talking about?  datasheet?  specs?
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It is the external version of these actuators:


The wiring diagram for them is here:



There are 4 motors on that sheet - which one?
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The external motor (25000 series) is a bipolar stepper with 4 wires (Pin 1, 2, 3 and 4).  Pins 1 & 2 are one winding (Black & Red on the schematic).  Pins 3 & 4 are the other winding shown as Blue & Green on the schematic.

Connect Pins 1 & 2 to the Out 1 & Out 2 terminals on the L298 driver board.  Connect Pins 3 & 4 to the Out 3 & 4 terminals.  Connect 5 or 12 volts (depending on which version of stepper motor you have) to the VCC and GND terminials on the L298 board.  Press S1 to apply power to the 5 volt regulator which powers the L298.

Use Arduino's stepper.h library to generate the pulse sequence for the motor.

Bob Weber

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