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An air brush won't work, you want the pressurized air supply that powers it.

Sounds like you need what we call an "air pig" or a compressed air tank. More importantly you need a pressure regulator to vary and maintain pressure. Not to be confused with a pressure gauge which only reads the pressure, a regulator regulates the pressure. You may find this stuff at a good hardware store.


Perhaps a bellows, like an accordion.  You can make them from paper.  Or maybe you can find an old bagpipe.  That would be stylish.



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what's the pressure you need? the wind speed ? volume/sec?

small compressor (air brush)

I am sorry I didn't provide more details but I have no way to measure the air pressure needed for a PVC recorder. It is not a lot - way less than for a flute or saxophone or other proper wind instrument. I am just looking into ways/components to generate air pressure so I can experiment and find a proper solution. I think an air brush might work good - I haven't thought of that. Thanks


what's the pressure you need? the wind speed ? volume/sec?

small compressor (air brush)
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I'm making a project that incorporates several DIY PVC recorders that are going to be played by Arduino and I need a system that generates air flow to play them. I have some spare fans from my old pc laying around but they are a bit too wide and not powerful enough (unless I make a complicated tubing system to aggregate the wide airflow into narrower and stronger one). I was thinking of hacking a mini vacuum cleaner (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/300817216993) cause they tend to have more condensed and stronger air flow (I'd have to invert the direction though). The only thing is that the mini vacuum cleaner might be a bit too loud. I don't mind a certain amount of noise from the fan but I have no idea how loud the mini vacuum cleaners are. I also found this tutorial on how to build a blade-less air fan (http://youtu.be/4q4PZpl59GU) but I have no idea if the air pressure created by it would not just go back through the massive hole in the middle. My question is - is there any other way to generate air flow? Or should I stick to hacking the mini vacuum cleaner? Also, I want to be able to play several recorders with one fan if possible - does anyone have any suggestions on how to arrange them so the air flow from the fan would be equal strong to all of them?


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