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If any of you could help me with the right wiring method I would really appreciate it.

Open your drawer. Drill a couple of small holes in the bottom of the drawer. Take some wire that will fit through the holes, and lash the bluetooth device down quite firmly. Close the drawer.

OK, now that you are only dealing with two pieces of hardware at a time, connect the 3.3 V pin to the 3.3 V pin on the Arduino. Connect the ground pin to a ground pin on the Arduino. Connect the RX(I) and TX(O) pins to two digital pins on the Arduino.

Create an instance of SoftwareSerial that uses those two pins. The RX on the IMU will be connected to the TX pin of the SS instance. The TX pin on the IMU will be connected to the RX pin of the SS instance.

Now, in a while loop in loop(), test for data on the SS instance. If there is any, read it and write it to the hardware serial port.

Let us know how that goes.
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YES!!! finally something is working!!!  PhilS, I tried the softwareSerial  and your notes got it working although it was having some issues spitting out clean data from the Software port.  By clean I mean that It was obviously the sensor data coming out but with some random intermittent noise...  I need at least 9600 baud so maybe I'm pushing the 3v pro mini too hard.

I then found a Pro Micro 5v unit and did the same setup but without softwareSerial since it already has a hardware Serial and Serial1.....  it worked great!!!  Im getting sensor data in from serial1 and its being sent out USB  its exactly what I need less wireless connectivity,  but that can be another stage later on.

Right now it is at a point where I can attach the other analog sensors and have a working prototype in a day or two!!!

Thanks for all the help!!

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