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Hi All

Firstly sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question but it didn't seem to fit in any of the forums. Please feel free to move it if required.

How do I determine the board revision of a Arduino 2560 board. Looking at the pictures on the http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardMega2560 my board looks half way between R2 and R3 the USB controller is not rotated and I have option for a throw hold crystal. I think it is an official board it has the R2 designed in Italy silk screen on the back. I am just surprised not to find a revision number on the silk screen too.

Also where can I find the old schematics and layout for previous versions. As with all software open source projects I can find the old software files, but not the old hardware files. Where are they?

Thanks for reading my questions.


it has the R2 designed in Italy silk screen on the back.

That's a sure way to know it is NOT a genuine Arduino board. The genuine Arduino would say "Made in Italy".  The Chinese clones can't say that so they say "Designed in Italy" instead.
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I have option for a throw hold crystal.

A what? Is that anything like a through-hole crystal?
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Thanks Johnwasser - it looks like I have fallen foul of a Chinese copy. It all works so a should complain too much.

Retrolefly - sorry but that link doesn't help. I am looking for the schematics of the older revisions R1 and R2 that link only directs me to a page which has the current R3 version. Where can I get the older revisions from?

PaulS - When I said the board as an option for a through-hole crystal, I meant it has an option to mount a crystal with pins which pass through holes in the PCB as opposed to a surface mount package.

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