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@redman.... wow that is actually very helpful.. i did not think of that


just an update.. i have my pid system working fairly well just needs a little more tuning..
now i'm looking for some extra credit.. bought an lcd and got it hooked up and running to display temp and power output front the heater.

also planning to get a photoresistor to turn the backlight on and off.... and throw some leds in the tank with some sort of fading effect

at first i was just doing this arduino thing because it was for school.. but its alot of fun.. can see myself spending alot more money on it.. XD

after my presention on saturday will upload my code... its super basic, but i will welcome and advise to imprve it


one major problem i am having is a verrrry erratic from the tmp 36 ... i have it  set to sample every second.. it give a few consistent readings then either spikes up or down then a few good ones then spikes again..

any ideas?

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