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Topic: Can't get Blink sketch (and others) to work on my Due (Read 5 times) previous topic - next topic


Hi dinofizz,
just tried blink exemple and it's work on dueR3.
was triyng to make work PhysicalPixel and this on is not working.
You maybe have a problem with your due..


Ok well thanks for trying it out and letting me know it works for you!

Good luck with your problem :)



I get the following. I tried a different PC - started working. Back to the original - worked. Now trying both PCs and neither works. Not impressed.....

Binary sketch size: 9,668 bytes (of a 524,288 byte maximum)
Erase flash
Write 9748 bytes to flash
SAM-BA operation failed
[                              ] 0% (0/39 pages)


Hi guys, I have the same problem. I mean I bought my due board from Arduino Store one month ago and everything worked fine. After that I left it on my desk inside its box for some weeks because I was busy with my work. Yesterday I went back to play and nothing worked.
Compile is OK...
Upload using Programming Port is Ok..
but after that nothing happens as described previously by dinofizz, no led blink, no serial operation..
Do you have any ideas? Does anybody know if there is a self test procedure? Should I contact Arduino store?


Running into exactly the same problem. I'd love to know if anyone else ran into this and verified the problem/found a fix.


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