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Hello dinofizz, garthn, goan, SwimDude0614,

Have you guys tried to blink other digital pins using external leds? If so and the leds blink, this should mean that the 'L' led is burned or that the 1/2 IC1A (BiCMOS LM358) is dead. It's really hard to tell but remember that Arduino Due is a static and moisture sensitive monster (plus not 5V tolerant). A single oversight, blip, mistake, can cost us $50! Regards!


How about slowing the blink right down, to periods of say 5 seconds - and watching the output of the pin attached to the onboard LED with a multimeter?

The other thing, it seems for some reason that a lot of people don't actually know where the onboard LED is, it's not next to pin 13, it's with the on LED - and is only very small and quite dim.


Hi guys, thanks for all your suggestions..
In my case, as for dinofizz, there was no way to make it work with any sketch. It seemed to be stuck, but all the voltages across board were fine and also compiling and flashing were ok.
After about 1 month following arduino support team trying to find the cause of the problem, they decided to change my board because no solution was found. I've sent the old board and received a new one with no extra fees.
I have to say the support team has been very professional and readly available.

I can only say you, without any certainty, that the problem seemed to happear after uploading a modified version of ArduinoISP, using SerialUSB instead of Serial instances.
I've also asked them to tell me the cause of the problem after debug, but I've still received no answer.

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