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Thanks for the replies, I am working though your suggestions.
To dhenry I considered this when first designing the project I like the PID to limit the power to the element on start up the library allows to set upper limit this allows me to get the viscous liquid warm so as not to scorch and give off flavours, but it is the easiest solution so may risk the scorch to get the light steady.
The lights are ling tube with electronic ballast.
Incandescent bulbs do not flicker.


Maybe the PWM is reeking havoc with the ballast, although I really don't know a lot about that.

However, if you're using 3500 W elements, then I imagine the rest of the system [ie, the big brew
vat] has a huge amount of thermal inertia. This means you can probably get away with a very low
PWM frequency, like maybe 0.1-hz [10 second period] or less, rather than 500-hz. So, instead of
regular PWM, you might use a modification of the BlinkWithoutDelay code.

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