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When you say 473 do you mean 473 ohms (unusual value, but possible if it is a high precision resistor) or does the resistor have 473 written on it (which could mean 47000 ohms)? If you are unsure, check it with a multimeter.

For V and H sync just experiment, the value shouldn't be too critical, try whatever resistors you have between 10 ohms and 100 ohms.

Are the monitors LCD or CRT? Both should work, though LCD monitors can sometimes be a bit random.

473 Ohms ;)
I had check it with a multimeter ( i had only 2 different resistors, that i but together so i checked)
both are LCD monitors
ok i try other resistors for V & H


I GOT IT ^^ :smiley-mr-green: :smiley-mr-green: :smiley-mr-green:
22 Ohm to V& H and it works on both ^^

i can use SET_B_ON_COMPARE or CLEAR_B_ON_COMPARE (same result)

thx for helping  XD


Due VGA library - http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,150517.0.html


It runs know, but if I put in my code for the LEDs and the random numbers, the Screen is splinted into many black bars. :P
I think the problem is that the Arduino draw the line, then it edited my code(=no monitor signal) and then it draw a line again.

My question is now:
Can the arduino handle two different codes to the same time?


No, only one processor and the VGA output uses all the horsepower...
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Are you shure that the Arduino Mega cant handle it
I want to use 1 Arduino for that VGA, for my LEDs & Buttons and  for my DCF 77 time modul. I thought if I buy the big on he can handle this.


Are you shure that the Arduino Mega cant handle it

That is not what you asked. You asked:-
Can the arduino handle two different codes to the same time?

Without more than one core the processor can only do one thing at once. However if you do the code rapadly one after the other it will look like to you that two things are happening at the same time.

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