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Anyone knows    how to use   arduino for  ps2 ?     I dont know   how to make it works ,   owing to  programing   this code(car_4wd_ps2_298p.ino) .    My   remote    controlled     car    is   still  running
(cannot controlled  by   my   ps2   rocker controller).   Anybody  knows  what's   happened?  Since    the
circuit problem or  code  problem  causes  this   situation ?  I am a arduino beginner.    please   help me.   

p.s:for  the following  attachments   are   code   and   the   libraries   (.cpp  .h   example(PS2X_Example.ino,PS2XMouse.ino)) .


Anybody  knows  what's   happened?
We                        can't                           see                          your                      circuit                 or              what                is                  actually                  happening.

What's with the stupid spacing?

Add some serial print statements to the code to learn what is happening.
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Sorry.  Later  I will post the circuit on the


Thank for everyone I solve the problem.
I forgot to change the code variation setting ( pin setting).   Now it was solved  .    So happy.

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