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I'm having a hard time to think about a good thesis :( can someone help me ? :(


What are you interested in? Theses that someone assigns are a lot less likely to be approached with the same level of enthusiasm as one you select, based on your interests.


What are the last 5 things that amazed you?
What is the definition for you of the word "good"? 
What theses were successful in the past that you can build upon?
What do your teachers like to see in a thesis?

Can you implement a unit test environment to test Arduino libraries?
including examples and documentation?
But it need to be at the same "simplicity" level as the whole arduino concept
Rob Tillaart

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OP, do you mean in robotics? If not, you should probably kill this thread and post anew in the
Projects Guidance section.

Also, is this an undergraduate thesis, or graduate-level?


The Rise & Fall of Bit slice processors, and their metamorphesis into the parallel processing systems of today.
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