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I want to interface my laptop webcam with my arduino leonardo.
Is it possible that arduino sends command to computer and webcam captures the image?
if so, then please suggest me a way to do it....


I highly doubt it, the buffer size of the image would be way too big for the arduino to handle. A still image might work though, but how will you view the image, what program would you use?
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TFT_Extension, OneWireKeypad, SerialServo, (UPD)WiiClassicController, VWID


i m not storing image data to arduino.
But i wanted to just send a command my computer's webcam to capture the image.
so the need is only that i want to know is it possible that computer can understand command from arduino and captures the image?
Is it possible to write c-program that understand my command and capture the picture through webcam?


Oh you just want to use the arduino to control the computer to take the image, yea that is possible if all you have to do is hit a key. Just do a search for arduino uno, duemilanove, leonardo Keyboard logoff.

Better yet someone else wanted to do something like this.

Created Libraries:
TFT_Extension, OneWireKeypad, SerialServo, (UPD)WiiClassicController, VWID


You might try a program called GoBetwino, to go between Arduinio & the computer.

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