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  I just had a conversation with someone Friday that brought this home again to me.  This person was fairly far advanced in engineering, making his own pcbs, and soldering smd parts.  But, language skill wise he was still at C level and had never made the transition to objects.  So I guess the point is people are at all sorts of different skill levels.  Trying to make something easier for them so that they can innovate I think is worthwhile.

  And about objects, as a friend was going over inheritance today I thought of a game that children could play that in the background is really teaching how to think in terms of object programming.

   The idea is to have a "tree" of object and have the children build the "tree" from static cards.  For example Vehicles might be the base-class which is at the top of the tree, motorized and wind driven vehicles could be down a level, cars/boats/planes/motorcycles could be down another level....etc.  The object of the game is the organize and create the tree correctly.   But really you are teaching object-oriented design, and that pattern of thinking.

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