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DO NOT connect directly your speaker to the DAC pin.
Please, read and follow the following updated tutorial.




C:\ADK2012_IDE_0/hardware/tools/adk2tool.exe COM3 erase
C:\ADK2012_IDE_0/hardware/tools/bossac.exe --port=COM3 -w -b C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\build5785210613214747736.tmp/Arduino_Terminal_App_Sample.cpp.bin
No device found on COM3
C:\ADK2012_IDE_0/hardware/tools/adk2tool.exe COM3 reset

Guys, I'm trying to use a MEGA ADK and I arrived at the same point: troubles  in  detecting the MEGA on the COM. Any suggestions?




@newhobby, connecting the MEGA ADK using  native usb, windows doesn't see anything on the usb. Is there any driver to install to make the pc see the port?


I think you are in the wrong thread.
This is for a Due board and not Mega.
Also, maybe you ought to start with blink code before you start trying to use Goodle ADK stuff.


I'm sorry but i didn't found any mega adk thread. If you know where is it, would you be so kind to tell me? No problem with adk 2011 so far, but as i read through the forums adk 2012 is not so immediate.



i'm trying to use a Due with a Nexus4 phone. I've compiled an loaded the sample successfully (thanks to your code modifications tips  :)), but when i plug the Due on the Phone, the phone battery charge status start to blink, and i get a repeated "disconnected" message in the arduino serial console. (the phone detect an adk accessory sometimes, somtimes not...)
I use a USB-A female <-> micro-B male on the phone side (not referenced as OTG), is it a problem ?

Another question, has anyone tested a blutooth shield on the Due ? and the ADK2-over-BT feature ?




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Have you tried using an external power source? I was fighting trying to get this to work with my Galaxy S4,  had no luck til I plugged in a wall wart.

I am using an OTG adapter though...


Yes, i've tried this weekend with a power supply and it's now working perfectly :D


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Hi all,

I've tried this example and it worked:  http://arduino-er.blogspot.com.br/2013/04/arduino-due-android-adk-change-led.html?view=classic
Is this example use "ADK 2012"?

Just another question, someone know what's the advantage to use processing (http://stream.tellart.com/controlling-arduino-with-android/)
Someone built the communication of Arduino due + Android app developed with processing?

Thank you.


Processing + Eclipse + Android + Arduino Due (USB and adk.h)

The video example working: http://goo.gl/FGmYLe

based on example: http://android-er.blogspot.com.br/2013/03/adk-example-control-arduino-due-led.html

Phone: 4.1.2 GT-S6812B



And add an ifdef on the USBCore.cpp to disable the CDC code.

Code: [Select]

#ifdef USBCON

Original USBCore.cpp code goes inside the ifdef. I can't add or the post is too long and exceeds the maximum allowed length of forum, which is 9500 characters.

#endif // USBCON

Hello and thanks to everybody in this thread now i'm able to upload a working sketch to my arduino that can communicates with my android mobile phone. I have one question about programming arduino DUE. Until now i was able to upload working sketch only with native port. i read that there is a solution to use the programming port and the native port. I unaderstand almost everything escept the part tha i quoted. Anybody can explain me this part?

Thanks in advance.

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