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I have put #include <SPI.h> in my sketch and in the lpd8806.ccp file.
I commented out the code you asked
Code: [Select]
//SPIClass SPI = SPIClass( SPI_MODE0 );

Then i get the following error when i compile:

C:\Users\Rudy\Program Files\arduino-1.5\libraries\LPD8806\LPD8806.cpp:21: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '.' token

What should I try next ?
KR, Rudy


Adafruit has updated their library for the lpd8806 led strip and it works. So my issue is solved.
Thanks for those who helped me in finding a solution.

Kr, Rudy


Hello, this thread was the closest i could find relating to my problem..

im working with the LPD8806 RGB Led strip. It has 44 LED's

my script uploads, the wiring is good, ran all the troubleshooters from adafruit here http://learn.adafruit.com/digital-led-strip/troubleshooting and still only the first two LED's follow the script.  The others light up in random colours, dim or remain off. The script i use is from the 8806 library, strandtest and longstrandtest.

i've doublechecked everything more than twice and dont know whats wrong.. Anyone that can help me?


nevermind the strip was defect for some reason...

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