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Would anyone be interested in a general purpose data visualization and recording software for arduino?  This would be useful for developing and debugging an arduino project by providing instant feedback about what's happening with program variables.  It would also be great for charting and recording variables and sensor data for any purpose, such as home automation projects.

Basic features

    - user-friendly
    - no need to specifically code which parameters to view/edit
    - dynamically choose parameters to monitor, graph, and/or record
    - dynamically write to any parameter
    - high speed data transfer, initially via serial (at least as high speed as serial will allow)

What other features would you be interested in?  Are there existing solutions already out there?


Good topic.  This was my area of expertise when I worked on mainframe computers and distributed servers.  Interestingly enough, this is the big area of focus on the internet, collecting data about activity, then making use of that data for whatever (marketing, spying, theft, building dossiers, or, as the cover story goes, quality assurance metrics to improve upon your web experience).

Okay, back to Arduino data collection...

Indeed, I find myself in the middle of this with almost every project.  This would require a libray implementation, where a data collection can be instantiated, a few calls for adding data to the log, and controlling when the loggin occurs (start/stop, or criteria thereof). 

Results can be directed as pointed out, to a serial connection, for immediate display, though that would require some type of PC connection, transmission mode, perhaps an intermediate server, or non-computer display (such as those for home weather stations).  In fact, a home weather station, with an outdoor data module and indoor display module, seems to be a very nice model for this type of activity.  I have thought about getting a complete home weather station, and then building my own interface for acquiring the data, performing the analysis and visualization. 

One should also consider use of an attached SSD for data storage as an alternative to a real-time connection.  Keep in mind that in the limited memory space of the Arduino, data collection is indeed a luxury item.  Other micro-controller boards, such as the ARM based unit, would be better equipped for this type of activity.


A year or so ago on the old forum there was an Arduino monitoring application which could do datadumps etc.
Rob Tillaart

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We've gotten back into this arduino project and have some basic functionality working.  we should be able to have some screen shots soon.

kashken, thanks for the reply.  we're building it as a library implementation, trying to make it as easy to use as possible.  there will be start/stop/pause capability for viewing/recording.  we're focusing on serial communication first, but we're keeping in mind wireless and SSD storage capability for possible future enhancements.

robtillart, what monitoring application were you referring to?

we'd appreciate any more feedback if people are interested in this type of development tool and if there are any specific feature requests.


This looks quite nice - http://www.instructables.com/id/EWE2BLNH7035YSZ/


Following this topic with respect to what could be achieved as a simple process control front end on a PC.
e.g. When a Digital input changes state a graphic on screen changed from a red pump symbol to a green pump symbol or even better have a series of single graphics change in the same location to give animation effect like maybe a fan turning.
Then of course digital output icons could be clicked upon to operate an output point.
Finally display analog values or make them variable as an alalog output set point adjustment.
Someone must be working on this....Comments welcome 


Further to my previous post here is something interesting using Visual Basic


We created something like this. Checkout http://www.megunolink.com. Logging, monitoring, graphing etc.


We created something like this. Checkout http://www.megunolink.com. Logging, monitoring, graphing etc.

I put this one on my todo list as there are some very interesting tools in it like George The serial monkey!

Thanks for sharing!
Rob Tillaart

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wow, guess i missed a little activity on this post.  a number of decent looking options out there, thanks for the replies.  we went ahead and developed another solution called Fetch which we hope is very easy to use and intuitive.   i've released in a new post here http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,134913.0.html.


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