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Trying to measure capacitance by turning on a digital output, with R to input pin and C to gnd, and measure the time delay. Arduino Uno.
Using pulsein (see code below) I get timeouts if R=infinity (open) or if tie the input pin low, which is expected.
But if I tie the pulsein input pin to +5V, or use a RC (100k and 0.1uF) to the pulsein pin, I get timeouts, where I expect a number  :~ 'scope signals look ok to me.

If I disconnect pulsein pin and touch (giving noise) I start to get wandering readings from pulsein. Otherwise, it's always timeouts, as if pulsein gets "stuck" or needs an edge?

Code: [Select]
#include <avr/io.h>

byte SensorPin = 3;   // pin "D3", PD3
byte PulseOutPin = 2; // pin "D2", PD2
byte ledPin = 13;

#define TRUE 1;
#define FALSE 0;

void setup() {

  digitalWrite(ledPin,LOW) ; // led off
  digitalWrite(PulseOutPin, LOW); 
  pinMode(PulseOutPin, OUTPUT); 
  pinMode(SensorPin, INPUT);
void loop() {

unsigned long duration;
const unsigned long pulsein_timeout = 100000; // in usec
const unsigned long pulse_triptime = 5000; // in usec

  digitalWrite(PulseOutPin, HIGH);  //
  duration = pulseIn(SensorPin, HIGH, pulsein_timeout);
  if (duration==0) {
      Serial.println("pulse timeout");
  else {
    Serial.print("tau= "); Serial.print(duration); Serial.print(" usec");
    if (duration>=pulse_triptime) {
       digitalWrite(ledPin,HIGH) ; // led on
       Serial.print("  * trip *");
    else { 
      digitalWrite(ledPin,LOW) ; // led off
  digitalWrite(PulseOutPin, LOW);  //

Nick Gammon

It looks like it looks for a transition:

Code: [Select]

        // wait for any previous pulse to end
while ((*portInputRegister(port) & bit) == stateMask)
if (numloops++ == maxloops)
return 0;

// wait for the pulse to start
while ((*portInputRegister(port) & bit) != stateMask)
if (numloops++ == maxloops)
return 0;

// wait for the pulse to stop
while ((*portInputRegister(port) & bit) == stateMask) {
if (numloops++ == maxloops)
return 0;

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More info:


You might use analogRead and use a micros() to determine start and stop and duration?

Code: [Select]

while (analogRead(PIN) < 10);  // accept some noise
start = micros();
while (analogRead(PIN) < 1020);  // ~5V reached
stop = micros();
Serial.println(stop - start);
Rob Tillaart

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There is an ( thinks! more than one) example of doing this in the playground.


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