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Hello everyone,

i been working a lot lately doing some arduino prototypes while learning electronics (as a hobby) and i been moving into creating my own schematics and trying to design my own PCB's now specially trying to move into standalone PCBs running arduino code.

i have succesfully program and burn optiboot into ATMEGA328p chips using arduino as an ISP and i thought that a shield for this could be usefull. attached is an image of the schematic i'm currently using (no PCB yet).

i seem theres already shields that do the same thing with the ability to program more than just 328 chips like this one https://tindie.com/shops/jeffmurchison/arduinoisp-deluxe-shield-kit/

i was wondering if other solution could be achieve that does not require all those dip switches and could be easier to use. like something that could controlled by a push button.


Might be cheaper and easier to buy an AVRUSB programmer to program bootloader or devices. I personally don't have one to recommend but someone will.


the whole exercise it to learn so buying one wont help, i already programmed 4 atmega328p's with a breadboard so i dont really need the shield.


If you only want to program 16MHz 328 chips, you do not need all the extra jumpers.

However, the shield you linked to is made to also program ATTiny chips so, it has to be configurable.

You could make your shield capable of programming 1284p chips and one-up the other shield.


i think i may have express wrongly.

i would like to make my design also program attiny45/85 but i find that dip switches are messy and can be miss configured easily.

i dont have a very big knowledge of electronics parts and i was wondering if there is anything i could replaces the dip switch that could handle the internal logic needed to know if its an attiny45/85 or a atmega328 with something as easy as clicking on a push button.

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