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How can I get break up and integer to get the 100ths or 1000value?

int t= 1234

int a = t % 10;  //get units
//I see a value on the serial monitor of 4

x = x/10;
int b = t % 10; // get tens value
//I see a value on the serial monitor of 3

How can I see the 2 and the 1?



How can I see the 2 and the 1?

You mean: "t = t/10;"

Code: [Select]

t = t/10;
int c = t % 10; // get hundreds value

t = t/10;
int d = t % 10; // get thousands value

Code: [Select]

int ones = t%10;
int tens = (t/10)%10;
int hundreds = (t/100)%10;
int thousands = (t/1000)%10;
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I prefer the last solution of John as it keeps the original value of t
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