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Has anyone used Cadsoft Eagle PCB software. I would like to down load the free starter program. I have a circuit I would like to make a schematic for it. Has anyone had any problems with the down load corrupting your computer?
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It all depends where you download from.
Why not try fritzing?  www.fritzing.org
Some people use eagle , I have not tried Eagle.
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Lots of us use Eagle. From what I have seen, you can not get a decent  schematic out of fritzing.
I have downloaded several times as it's been upgraded with no issues.
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I also prefer Eagle. So far Eagle has never corrupted anything on my computer.
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I concurr, Eagle is rock solid, used it for over 100 circuits and it has never crashed or corrupted anything.  on Ubuntu, can't speak for windows or mac.
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Works well on windows machines.
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I have the freeware version and it works well. Haven't had any problems so far. However, it does take a while to get use to it (it took me a few hours trying random things to get use to it).


Mine is not as free but produces only 100mm*80mm designs. The cost is not too bad, like $40.
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Ditto on learning Eagle..

although isnt it Cadsoft?  and not: Cadsolf Eagle PCB

anyways.. I'll mirror that at first it was VERY awkward to get used to..

for me these tips helped me navigate the GUI and increase workflow..

1.) Eagle was designed to be used with a 3 button mouse   (left, right and center/mouse wheel (click))
2.) Eagle works opposite many of us are used to where you normally select/highlight an item/object.. then go APPLY some formatting or change to it..  Eagle is opposite.. you select the change/formatting you want to apply.. THEN you click on the object/part/component..etc..

learning how & when to use the center mouse wheel has been invaluable to me.. ie: (really helps when routing and need to drop a via or quickly move a part to the bottom layer..etc)


I understand part 2 is probably a CAD tradition. I used dos based autocad and win based PSPICE. Both remind me of part 2. So if you are not used to this, you need time to get that in your reflex. Once you have it, it is not too bad.
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being that I have not workd in any CAD type software previously..

this was my first exposure to it..

until I read/learned those two tips.. I found myself struggling a bit..

after.. I went back to Eagle.. and tried to left,right and center click on everything.. at different times.. to see what options or different sub menus I got.

It would be nice to have a small, simple & direct TIP thread for us Eagle users.. :)

my next suggestion is to learn how to make your own custom parts..  make your own libraries (where you save/create most of your used components.. or ones you have edited/altered)

also learn how to take an existing schematic and create a library from it.. (great for when you cant find that part/components yourself..butsomeone has it in their current project/schematics/.brd file..etc.


It would be nice to have a small, simple & direct TIP thread for us Eagle users..

Cadsoft hosts a newsgroup that is pretty useful (or was, last time I looked.)  It is also available via "element14"

There's also a yahoo group for EagleCAD, and sub-topics on various other fora where EAGLE questions come up.

The download from Cadsoft is definitely "real" software and not some trojan/virus.


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