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Is it possible to use a thicker stencil to accurately place solder paste on a PCB and reflow solder DIP components in a reflow oven (+flux spray)?
Will it produce a defect-free and solid bond? Have anyone tried this before?


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we have tried this at my work, not for dip parts but for wire jumpers to connect an LED board to its driver board, and it does work for the most part, but not 100%. The biggest problem we have is if the wire was inserted too far the solder would ball up on the end of the wire. Since your using DIP parts that may not be a issue cause the package would prevent that.

We ended up making a special form for the wire to lock them in the board, and its pretty reliable ... our last test run of almost 3000 units (4 solder point each unit) only about 10 were kicked out of AOI (automatic optical inspection) for solder joint problems. (on those wires)



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