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Hi guys.

I'm pretty new to Arduino and generally electronics (have been a fan since a kid but only now, after years and years, I've managed to transform my hobby into something interesting). Long story short I'm trying to find the best Wireless shield for an Arduino UNO board. The scope of my project is pretty simple. I want the Arduino board to access wirelessly my router and GET some data from an API (let's say every 4 maybe 5 hours - not important at this step).

My main concern is the hardware for now. I'm prototyping/playing right now with and Arduino UNO board and I'm searching for a Wireless Shield that could do the job. I don't fancy anything special for the moment (let's just say that some LEDs will light up on certain conditions). Either how my concern is the wireless shield. In your opinion, which is the best WiFi shield I can use?

Again, the task is really simple. I want to connect an Arduino board to a wireless network and ping the API on a regular basis (every few hours) to GET some data. Maybe it might sound easy for the most of you but before I dive into it I would really appreciate your input and advices.


P.S. The API would be widely available (so the goal is to make this work over any WiFi network - both secured and unsecured ones - most probably the secured ones would work after the user will configure the router pwd - any other thoughts are welcome)  :)

EDIT: After reading Paul's reply I thought I should add more details. I want to build a really simple device (using Arudino UNO) which would connect through a WiFi network to access and API. According to the returned data from the API, a LED from the Arduino board should light up (or not, or even blink etc.) these are already small details which doesn't have much to do with my question for now. I hope this explains a bit more ... Thank you in advance!


The scope of my project is pretty simple. I want the Arduino board to access wirelessly my router

The only kind of board that can do that is a WiFi shield. You'd get more opinions if you fixed your post title to reflect exactly what you are looking for.

In addition, you need to define some criteria. What I consider best may be junk to you, and vice versa.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Hi Paul. Thanks for your reply. Well indeed it's a point of view here but to be honest I'm kind of clueless that's why I drop the question here on the Arduino Forums. I don't have any preferences so I'm just trying to gather data from other Arduino users and, based on their advice and stories, to pick a WiFi Shield.

I've also made some search before and what I found was:

1) Arduino Wireless SD Shield
2) Arduino XBee Shield W/O RF Module
3) Arduino Wifi Shield with Integrated Antenna A000058 (I don't think this is for me since I don't need some huge rage)
4) DFRobot - XBee Shield for Arduino
5) WiFly

Now as you can (and as you probably know) there are several options so from a newbies point of view (like me) it might be confusing.

Again, maybe my approach is not the best one, but I'm here just trying to find some suggestions. So again, any help/input would be much much appreciated.


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