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I am attempting to automate a hand tool motor (RS-550VC) that draws 10 Amps at full power.  I need to have bi-direction control and would like to use the Arduino PWM for speed control. 

I have been experimenting with the Sparkfun Ardumoto but find that the motor sometimes stalls and I believe that it is because I have limited the power to 2 Amps.

Can anyone suggest a controller that would be simple for a novice like me to incorporate to my Arduino Uno or any other work around that might get me a more reliable output.  I am a beginner and new to this forum, so please use small words.  Thank you.


You might need an H-bridge like below.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Will this H bridge work in forward and reverse?  The description on the site as a bit confusing.


Any H-bridge will work in forward and reverse, that's what an H-bridge is for.
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