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Hi guys a newbie in electronics here,


In my project I have 3 servos and 2 dc gear motors (30rpm and 10rpm).  I am powering them up from custom power supply with multiple extended power outputs. 

The issue is when my servos are set to a particular angle, and try to run any of dc motor, it runs very slowly.  I think I am short of power while multiple power consumption.

I am having 1amp 12volts power supply, image is posted below.

My view:

I think modifying present power supply or building new 2mp power supply will do the job.  Could anyone give me guidance for the same?  Any help will be appreciable.



You seem to be on a budget; any chance you could find an old computer power supply?


I agree, re-purposing an old PC power supply is the most cost effect way there is to supply significant power for a project.



Hey guys thanks for reply,

Actually budget is not a problem,  but I do not have any experience on working with computer power supply.  Since starting of my project I am working with this power supply, and it is working.  I just need to increase it power to suffice the required consumption.

Can you suggest me that in case I replace my present transformer with new 2amp or 3amp transformer what other changes I may need to implement; i.e. Do I need to change my capacitor(1000uF) or Bridge Rectifier to support new trans.? Or Just replacing transformer will work.



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You need to replace the transformer, make sure the bridge rectifiers will take the current, double your capacitors and change your voltage regulators.
In effect you need to build another one, nothing much to upgrade.

Do you know your problem is lack of power? Measure the output voltage, does it sag under load?


Hi Grumpy_Mike,

Thanks for reply,

Yes my motor in reduced and loose rpm and servo both face a sag in voltage, when run together. 

Could you kindly provide exact description of parts that will cop up with 2amp transformer?

Thanks again :)

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