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Other than feeding the coins in, it is far more efficient to sort coins mechanically based on size. Make a rail and wall that leans slightly to one side and down hill. Feed the coins in fro the top and have a wedge that will tipp the coins out into containers based on size. the largest will be tipped out first. In the USA that would be Half Dollars,  then Dollar Coins, then Quarters, then Nickles , then pennies and last of all dimes.


Thanks for the replies/comments/suggestions. I would like to do it mechanically but there is a limit to the number of coins inserted and any further coins inserted in the system will be moved to an extra case. If using the first design what will happen is if the specified number of coins has been reached for each type of coin the slots will not open, guiding the extra inserted coins down to an extra case. Our currency has 3 Types of Coins, hence the 4 pathways in the second design.

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Okay - You want to feed coins in and count a certain amount into each stack and any extras go into a separate bin.

Here's an Idea - the coin starts in - Have some form of light detectors (opto couplers?) that detect the coin and its size. For each size have a servo - servos all retracted will send all the coins into the extras bin. As the size is detected, and the count is less than your limit, activate the servo for the proper size coin and it will be tripped into the correct bin. Also use a servo at the start to feed the coins on at a time. Might check the size before the coin is released by the first servo to give the other servos time to get in position. You could use either time or a sensor in each receptacle to tell the machine when to release the next coin.

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