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Yes thanks, the link you give is in the right direction..... there are better deals however its always a balance of how "slow the boat"  is if you know what i mean.

Good thing I don't mind wasting a few pennies, or waiting, then. I ordered a pair from zoomkat's link (thanks, zoomkat).

In the last few days i have found a way to use a simple "lego coupling collet" than slips over the motor shaft

Well? We've got boxes and boxes of Legos around...


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Then this trick is for you PaulS :-
Take one of these Lego cross axle extensions :-

and cut these two lugs out down to the middle of the cross axle extension (not an easy task :smiley-eek:)

Then push fit the cross axle extension onto the motor shaft and enjoy the flexibility that it brings.... :D


Morse code anyone........

Port and Starboard indicators fitted...

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