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Would that LCD Display work with an arduino?
Does anybody have a better suggestion for an LCD?

I am new to the arduino and don't know what to look for



Judging from the third datasheet at the link you provided it looks like a standard 'character mode' LCD using an HD77780 compatible controller.  Take a look at http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Code/LCD for programming ideas.



I would just make sure you know how you are planning on connecting the pins on this LCD.  I have a couple of LCD panels, some with a single row of pins, and one that has two rows of pins like this one.  The single row is a lot easier to breadboard and experiment with than the ones that have two rows of pins.


Thank you both!
I have chosen an identical LCD except for its pins are in a single row.

Would this work to connect the LCD to the arduino or a breadboard?



Would this work to connect the LCD to the arduino or a breadboard?

A header strip like that would be good for connection to a breadboard.  


Ran Talbott

If you're going to be doing a lot of tinkering,  you should also become familiar with The Miracle of Buying Stuff SurplusTM   ;)

Like a similar LCD and header pins for less than half the price.  Now,  there's a good chance that the reason the LCD is surplus is that it's an older model,  with contrast that's not quite as good as the one from Digi-Key,  and backlighting LEDs that aren't as bright.  But that's not always true:  quite often you get stuff that's current,  purchased from someone who made a bad guess about What The People Want and went belly-up.

A few other excellent dealers,  who've been in business for many years,  are Alltronics,  All Electronics,  Electronic Goldmine,  and Marlin P Jones.  Another really fun place to shop for odd mechanical bits and materials is American Science and Surplus:  even if you never buy anything from them,  the catalog is a hoot to read.

This really ought to be in a FAQ somewhere.



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Thank you very much! I will order from them next time because I already ordered from Digi-Key. I was a little biased as Digi-key is relatively local for me.

EDIT: I checked WOT on the BGmicro site and it returned dangerously low scores though.
Have you had good experiences with them?

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