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Many thanks for the suggestions
I'm working on it!

If you want an Arduino to act as a Master, well ummmm, yeaaaaaa, next question, my brain hurts!

I am thinking about producing a tutorial on this subject if I get the time.

About  master may I look at  linux, and a smart solution could be Raspberry pi....
what do you think about this?

about a tutorial it is a great  idea!
If I can help you somehow...


I have a pi. I am going to try to run Mango on it as a SCADA server.

My main interest with all this is cheap wireless sensor networks.

By the way, in my code example, the slave is set to 2. (regBank.setId(2);)
It was the last node I programmed with it.


I'll be updating this as I go
MAX 485 & ModbusMaster - Basic Guide


Thank you so much
but can I see  simple example, very basic.



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