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Can someone suggest a suitable setup for operating a set of model retracts for a Radio controlled aircraft?
I wish to use 6 volt or 12 volt geared electric brushed motors to drive the legs up and down at variable rates to look authentic. The mechanics of the system will hit their end points and lock in either up/down positions and therefore require the motors to stall and stop causing unnecessary loads and drain on the power supply.
I am asking because i have seen many different types of circuit and they totally confuse me to be honest.
I have seen parts on ebay at what seems to be a reasonable cost , but need to make the right purchase.
The other problem will be how to connect them to the receiver servo port so it will allow me to raise and lower them from my transmitter. :(


The Model i have in the build stage has a span of 88", would you still recommend servo's. :~


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Well whether you DIY or buy you should at least be aware of what the R/C hobby industry has and uses for retractable gear. There are three pages of products linked here that you can look at to see the various methods and styles. Most seem to be activated by external servos or compressed air, and some by built in electric motors. And yes there are very large and strong servo models available to control most any size retract mechanism.




The Model i have in the build stage has a span of 88", would you still recommend servo's. :~

That's a pretty big model.  Then again, there are some pretty powerful servos: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/JR-Z9100HVT-High-Voltage-High-TORQUE-Servo-JRPSZ9100HVT-/350486772564?pt=US_Character_Radio_Control_Toys&hash=item519aa3bb54

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