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Hi all!

Some news about EDAMS:

  • New virtual class device to allow you to add widgets like clocks,mail checker...

  • New control.basic class devices to allow you to add these xPL devices and acts on them from global view widgets.

  • New "lightbulb" widget for sensorl.basic device to show state of a lamp or a lightbulb(for example).

  • New "led" widget for sensorl.basic device to show state of a binary device's.

  • New "switch" widget for control.basic device to send CMND with enable/disable state when clicking on it.

  • New virtuals widgets(digital and analog clocks)

  • New action editor, to doing some stuff on some condition(like send a mail when temperature > 20°C...)

  • Added cJSON parser to send better cosm request.

  • Improved freedesktop icons support for better desktop integration.

  • New status bar to see results about some actions(like removing/addind location or widgets...).

  • Removed device's creator, to be 100% xPL compatible!

  • Don't use special xPL device name field, use whatever you want!.

  • Thermometer widget works again.

  • Removed obsolete parts(serial code, thermometer, tacho, xPL-Hub).

  • Bette xPLLib integration by using more EDAMS and EFLs stuff in code.

  • Wiki updates

  • Many, many fixes...

Google code:http://code.google.com/p/edams/


  • Add global view control.basic widgets support, to act them and send xPL CMND request to xPL network.

  • Improve actions editor, to be easier to use.

  • Add SMS/Mail support and control.basic CMND support to actions editor.

  • Add timing/date support to react at some time( like "on lunday at 8:00 light on the lamp1 xPL device"...).

  • Add  global view location add/remove realtime support.

  • New control.basic widgets to handle all types(infrared, slider...).

  • New mail checker virtual widget to show if mail in box in global view.


Hi all!

News about EDAMS:

  • Big modification to avoid multiple interfaces like device selector, widget selector...all is in new widget editor now

  • New scheduler event's editor, use crontab(without breaking your current crons entries), to perfoms EDAMS actions(like send CMND xpl, exec external program, send a mail...)

  • Improved user interface's experience to action editor

  • CMND xPL is handled in global view, so you can send CMND xPL with help of widget(exemple;drag a slider)

  • gnuplot and cosm datastream are options and can be enabled/disabled for each widget

  • Global view realtime modifications when removing/adding location

  • New lock edition virtual widget, to lock edition in global view

  • New mute control.basic widget

  • New mail checker virtual widget(monitoring your local's mbox file)


Hello Alex,

Just wanted say well done and it is good to notice that you are continuing to develop the EDAMS software.

Wishing you every success with it.



Hey rockwallaby!

Thanks for your comment,  very pleasure to see encouragement  :)

Since Arduino isn't really needed anymore, I will stop to spam Arduino forum  about EDAMS evolution  8)

Thanks for all and see you in http://code.google.com/p/edams/ don't hesitate to contact me if you've any comments/suggestions...


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