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i recently used a TSOP31238 to receive IR signals from an Apple Remote and everything worked fine. Now i rebuilt the sensor on a breadboard and no signals come in anymore!? The sensor is just hooked up to VCC and GND and the signal pin goes into the Arduino pin 2 to be used with an interrupt. If i unplug the signal cable, the interrupt triggers randomly (approx. 50hz) so the software part should be working but once i connect it again nothing is being received anymore.
This is the datasheet: http://www.ic-on-line.cn/view_images.php?id=1434549
And a picture of the "circuit" ;) https://dl.dropbox.com/u/678261/ir.jpg
Should be easy enough, right?

I tested it with two different sensors, none works.
Can anybody help?


Ok, i found it. It was just a buggy contact on the Arduino itself. Strange, but luckily an easy fix;)

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